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John Blevins X, father, Mullinakill, 29 Nov 1875 3 Oct 1901, 143 West St, Portadown Norcross, GA 30092. Elizabeth Matchett formerly COLE Christina Jane Oneil formerly McCONRIELL 1 Sep 1871 Breagh Annie NIXON, present at birth, Richmount, 28 Dec 1901 Mary Thompson formerly GREGSTON James Matchett, father, Drumcree, 26 Jan 1878 Izakel (m) Family History Library film no 255861 William MATCHETT, Ballynary, farmer Matilda JONES X, present at birth, Derryanville, 6 Mar 1880 Charles HONEYFORD, 8 Morrisons Ct, Portadown, labourer Eliza McClelland formerly HYDE Mary Cassels formerly DAILY Ann Jane Honeyford formerly MATCHETT Mary Jane Wilkinson formerly KILPATRICK Kathleen Kelshaw formerly ABRAM Thomas PROCTOR, Ballynary, weaver Thomas Henry Totten X, father, Derryall, 13 Aug 1874 William Matchett, father, Ballynary, 29 Feb 1908 13 Dec 1877 Cloncore Ralph Edward Hugh BRIGHT, Portadown, carpenter Michael CAMPBELL, Craigmore, weaver 26 Oct 1870 Mullaglass Martha Ann Thomas 21 Jun 1903, Summer Island, Anasamry John WESLEY, Ballyworkan, labourer William Lappin X, father, Baltylum, 15 Aug 1874 Volume 6, page 801 Annie White formerly DAVISON James Stothers X, father, Grange, 19 Apr 1880 Sarah Tighe formerly MAGEOWN Anne Jane Shaw formerly CLAYTON Sarah PRITCHARD, present at birth, Foybeg, 28 Nov 1906 Family History Library film no 255907 Henry James HAGAN, Balteagh, labourer Sarah James Clarke, father, Tassagh, 27 Aug 1900 Anna Bella O'Connor formerly MAGEE Mary Jane Hewitt formerly GRINLEE Mary Ann Kelly formerly McCANN R F MAGINNIS, occupier, Workhouse, Newry, 19 Aug 1903 George Jamieson, father, Ballyshiel, 10 Apr 1872 Maggie Wright, mother, Artabracka, 23 Jan 1903 Atkinson TURKINGTON, Derryvane school teacher Mary Honeyford formerly WAUGH Family History Library film no 257908 William Weir, father, Tassagh, 13 Aug 1900 Gertrude Mary Ann Bulla formerly WATSON M A Creally, mother, Drumnasoo, 24 Apr 1911 Ruth DUNBAR X, present at birth, Derrykeevan, 15 Jul 1872 Sarah Kelso formerly REILLY Joseph Sergant X, father, Derrinraw, 10 Apr 1873 4 Jul 1904 Derrycarne Agnes Stevenson formerly WILSON William James Todd X, father, Roughan, 1 Aug 1904 15 Jun 1880 Derrymagown Family History Library film no 258131 11 Jul 1877 Derryadd Mary Anne Eliza Jane Gillis formerly TURKINGTON Newry, Ballybot, Ballybot, Newry, Armagh Moses Chambers X, father, 35 Thomas St, Portadown, 13 Mar 1903 Oct 1910 17 Sep 1903, 1 Cecil St, Portadown Samuel MORROW, Breagh, farmer Lewis JACKSON, Teaguy, farmer Dorah REID formerly HALL 21 Jan 1871 Derrycorry James Best, father, Latt, 19 Aug 1912 Teresa O'Donnell, mother, Derrylard, 6 Oct 1906 21 Mar 1879 Canary Alfred John FAHY, Causaghna, stone mason Elizabeth 12 Nov 1875 Clonticlay Margaret Matchett formerly MERCER James Brown, father, Corcrain, 3 Jul 1873 Thomas Mary Carrick formerly McGEOWN Hugh JENKINSON, Derrykeevin, farmer John Joseph Mary Davidson X, mother, Watsons Row, Portadown, 11 Mar 1875 Family History Library film no 258108 20 Jul 1903 Drummannon James KIGGINS X, occupier, Kingarve, 31 Oct 1874 Elizabeth Hunniford formerly McADAM Mary Frances Matchett formerly MATCHETT Catherine Shevlin formerly CULLEN Henry ROBINSON, Tullyhue, labourer Eliza Wilson formerly NEWELL John Elliott, father, Callan St, Armagh, 1 Feb 1881 John McCROREY, Edenderry, Portadown, labourer 26 Nov 1912 Drumnagoon Mary Ann 3 Dec 1877 Maghery Richard Richard MATCHETT, Derryaugh, school master James Ernest William Henderson, father, Derrycaw, 3 Jan 1880 John McKEE, Thomas St, Armagh, confectioner Ann Jane Hadden X, mother, Annaghmore, 23 Nov 1875 George Annsley John HONEYFORD, Derrymore, carpenter James DUNLOP, Derrinraw, labourer James CONLIN, Clontilew, farmer Agnes Volume 1, page 719 Thomas 23 Oct 1874 Kingarve Kate McSHANE X, present at birth, Victoria St, Keady, 28 Oct 1903 Plumbing & Heating Supply, Inc. Ossining, NY R.I.M. Jno Hy O'NEILE, occupier, Workhouse, Lurgan, 2 Jun 1905 Thomas MATCHETT, Clonmacate, weaver 8 Aug 1874 Obins St, Portadown William H McCANN, Killicomain, labourer Charlotte Wilson formerly TOUGHOR? Catherine Coulan formerly McSHANE Rachel Hall formerly ENGLISH Christopher MATCHETT, Derrinraw, weaver 19 Aug 1880 Ballymagone Samuel Marly X, father, Edenderry, Portadown, 12 Nov 1872 16 Sep 1876 Drumondmore Thomas Matchett X, father, Derryaugh, 22 Dec 1873 24 Aug at 6 o'clock p.m. 1871 Derryvore Albert William W J Hanvey, father, Derryanville, 7 Nov 1906 Julia Freyne formerly MURPHY James Cavanagh, father, Drumlisnagrilly, 12 Nov 1872 Elizabeth Geddis formerly McADAM William Honeyford, father, Drumnasoo, 8 Mar 1875 John LAPPIN, 29 David St, Portadown, labourer Rose Ann McCONNELL X, present at birth, Woodhouse St, Portadown, 21 6 Sep 1873 Derrycrew Isabella Matchett formerly HOLLAND William KELLY, Derryall, weaver William HADDEN, Annaghmore, labourer Thomas Brau X, father, Ballinahinch, 7 Jul 1871 Richard HUNNIFORD, Legany, farmer William Honeyford, father, Drumnasow, 14 Apr 1877 13 Mar 1912 Derrykeeran 3 Nov 1875 Loughgall Lindsay (m) John Thompson, father, Drumgor, 13 Mar 1903 Joseph McCLANE, Anakeera, labourer 24 Dec 1877 Ballymacrandle Sarah Little formerly TODD Mary Flood formerly McGRAN? Rachel ROBINSON, aunt, present at birth, Richmount, 28 Apr 1904 Mary SIMINGTON X, present at birth, Clonmacate, 22 Dec 1873 Alexander William James Theresa Charles Mary Ann Chapman X, mother, Canoneill, 9 May 1878 16 Feb 1903 Derrylilleagh John SMITH, Derrymagowen, labourer John Richard Campbell, of Bracknagh Road, is charged with 15 counts of making indecent photographs, five counts of possession of a prohibited image of a child and five counts of possession of an extreme pornographic image. Thomas Matchett X, father, Clonmacate, 3 May 1875 22 Sep 1903 Artabracka Mary Liggett X, mother, Breagh, 2 Dec 1875 Sarah Campbell X, mother, Cloncore, 31 Jul 1871 20 May 1905 Turmoyra Newry, Mullaghglass, Mullaghglass, Newry, Co Armagh Eliza Honeyford formerly BROWNLEE Richardson Margaret Frances Bell formerly WILSON Cathrine Margaret SERGENT X, present at birth, Derrycarn, 8 Sep 1880 Rose Ann Gallagher formerly McCANN Family History Library film no 255856 Jane Dickson formerly CLOUGHLEY Henry Mary TURKINGTON X, present at birth, Derrytagh, 7 Jul 1873 2 Nov 1875 Derryanville Henry LUTTON, Edgarstown, Portadown, weaver Patrick O'Keiff, father, Dromalane, 7 Jan 1908 Edward HONEYFORD, Bessbrook, painter 1871 Richard PATTERSON, Clonman, farmer Thomas Rodgers X, father, Ballygargin, 29 Nov 1873 Volume 11, page 832 Family History Library film no 256008 Mary Eliza Turkington formerly RICHARDSON 26 Aug 1877 Balteagh Mary Herron formerly McCAUGHY John Moffatt, father, Lisnamintry, 8 Feb 1901 Agnes Irwin formerly McCABE Joseph Farnan X, father, Derrymattery, 15 May 1909 Charles Family History Library film no 255978 John GRAHAM, Derryhale, farmer Ellen 10 Apr 1910 Up Fathom John FREEBURN, Edenderry, Portadown, labourer George WRIGHT, Cloncore, farmer Margaret Jane Mary William KIGGAN, Timakeel, labourer Samuel Ann Jane Turkington formerly BULLA John HUTCHESON, Derrylileagh, farmer 11 Feb 1913, Obin St, Portadown Thomas Eliza Jane Johnathon Matchett X, father, Magarity, 27 Jan 1871 Family History Library film no 101085 Volume 1, page 699 29 Apr 1905 Chapel St, Keady Robert Williamson X, father, Canary, 1 Aug 1906 Mary Magee X, mother, Ballynarry, 11 Jan 1877 24 Feb 1878 Cranagill 14 Nov 1875 Ballynarry Joseph Simons X, father, Cloncore, 7 May 1908 Esther CURRAN X, present at birth, Tandragee, 15 Feb 1876 John Duke, father, Drumnasoo, 8 Mar 1875 Cathrine Mackle formerly HAMILL I am also the executive producer of Training for Freedom: How Ordinary People in an Unusual Time & Unlikely Place Made Extraordinary History, a 2019 documentary on Oxfords role in the historic events of Freedom Summer in 1964. no father given 11 Jun 1871 Ballinahinch George ROBINSON, Drumcree, sexton Ellen Kilpatrick X, present at birth, Drumnagoon, 30 Jan 1903 Mary Annie Wright formerly DAVIS Mary Jane RESTON X, present at birth, Ballinahinch, 12 Feb 1873 7 Nov 1873 Clonmacate Martha McKellar formerly McCARTNEY James John TODD, Derrylard, labourer Sarah Totten formerly ABRAHAM 11 Dec 1877 Drumnavin 3 Jul 1880 Coragh Samuel John Thomas CLIFFORD, Derrinraw, weaver Thomas RODGERS, Ballygargin, weaver Edward McCRORY, Derryneskin, weaver Rachel Matchett X, mother, Clonmacate, 3 Jun 1878 James McConville, father, Cloncore, 8 Apr 1875 17 Nov 1876 Derrymacfall William Murphy X, father, Derryaugh, 9 Oct 1879 Ann Eliza Mary Ann HUGHES X, present at birth, Tullamore, 21 Jul 1880 6 Nov 1877 Ballynary Volume 1, page 713 11 Sep 1910 National Terrace Matilda Tate formerly LIGHTBODY Mary Ann FORD X, present at birth, Derrinraw, 10 Apr 1873 Joshua LEGGITT, 71 Charles St, Portadown, weaver Henry Dood X, father, Derrymacfall, 25 Aug 1877 Anabella Jeffers formerly CARSON William Thomas Sarah McCaffery formerly McKENNA Sarah Elizabeth 5 Jun 1902, Main St, Keady In addition to PLD, I continued my education with electives focused on Governance, Strategy and Leadership. 10 Oct 1873 West St, Portadown James Alexander Elizabeth Tiffney formerly ROBINSON Margaret Mossman formerly LAVERY Mary Matchett formerly FOX Joseph Lutton, father, Drumcree, 2 Aug 1872 Reginald William Mary Jackson formerly GREY Henry McREYNOLDS, Seagoe, butcher Edward SOMERS, Keady, constable R.I.C. William Hooks, father, George St, Armagh, 9 Feb 1881 Rachel Jackson formerly MATCHETT Ann Glenn formerly QUIGLEY William Robinson, father, Balteagh, 1 Sep 1877 29 Sep 1878 Tandragee Rachel Ellen 29 Aug 1873 Derrylard 25 Sep 1903, 7 Edward St, Portadown Patrick MURRAY, Derrymagowen, farmer no father given John Seymour, father, Drumnahavil, 14 Sep 1900 Joseph Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh 23 Nov 1877 Ballymagone Hamilton Jones X, father, Derrymacfall, 24 Nov 1879 John Greer, father, Mullalelish, 9 Dec 1878 Robert WILLIAMSON, Canary, labourer Banbridge, Tandragee, Tandragee, Banbridge, Co Armagh Maggie Wright, mother, Artabracka, 29 Jul 1908 Richard Mathers, father, Muckery, 9 Sep 1873 20 Jan 1878 Cloncore Tell us who or what inspired your research and/or work.My dissertation and research were interdisciplinary, inspired by Clifford Geertz, Horace Newcomb, Victor Turner, Northrup Frye, Claude Levi-Strauss, Herbert Gans, John Cawelti, James Carey, David Eason, Douglas Gomery, John Fiske, Gaye Tuchman, Michael Schudson, David Thorburn, Stuart Hall, and Joan Didion. 2 Dec 1877 Derrykeevan Winners in the July draw were as follows. Henry Donnelly X, father, Maghery, 8 Mar 1904 Bernard Devlin, father, Derrymattery, 11 Jun 1878 1 Jan 1913 Artabracka John DAVISON, 3&4 High St, Portadown, merchant 29 Jun 1871 Drumard Primate William J VAUGHAN, 3 Market St, Ballymena, classical master 18 Jun 1876 Crossmacaghily James GREER, Moyraverty, weaver 31 Oct 1874 Derryneskin 4 Dec 1904, 12 Fowlers Entry, Portadown Isaac HANNA, Ballynary, labourer George Henry Ellen COLVIN X, present at birth, Mullalelish, 16 Oct 1876 Gertrude Dunlop formerly ? William McHenry Ann Eliza William DOUGAN, Cloncore, weaver Thomas McClelland X, father, Ballynary, 21 Mar 1908 Rachel Allen formerly WYLIE Robert Gracey, father, Balteagh, 12 Jan 1878 Elizabeth Ann Mary Anne Robert O'NEILL, Keady, coach builder Mary Dynes formerly McCEE Elizabeth Jane 11 Oct 1870 Marlacoo Mary Todd formerly IRWIN Margaret Jane William BOYCE, David St, Portadown, labourer 2 Mar 1903, 35 Thomas St, Portadown Samuel RUSSEL, Fara, farmer John Neil X, father, Ballinary, 8 Sep 1873 Born to Play Music. Alice Jane GREENFIELD, housekeeper Jane Robb formerly JONES My first book, Sixty Minutes and News: A Mythology for Middle America (University of Illinois Press, 1991) grew out of my Northwestern dissertation. Volume 11, page 679 28 Feb 1903, 39 Mourneview St, Portadown 6 Jul 1877 Derryneskin 1873 Derryadd Andrew Moody, father, Derrywilligan, 10 Aug 1912 Isabella Cameron formerly McMAHON Minnie McKeown formerly HEWITT Sarah SULLIVAN X, present at birth, Cloncore, 24 Nov 1879 Sarah J Gregson formerly THOMPSON Fanney Elizabeth Buller, mother, 12 Fowlers Entry, Portadown, 16 Dec 1904 John LOUGHEAD, 40 High St, Portadown, grocer John Montgomery, father, Drumart, 9 Sep 1876 George McKnight, father, Cushany, 2 Mar 1910 Maria Jones formerly MAGEE William KEEGAN X, not given, Timaheil, 10 Apr 1909 Joseph Robinson, father, Clownagh, 21 Nov 1873 Rachel Joseph 11 Aug 1879 Armagh John GREER, Mullalelish, farmer Jane DOHERTY X, present at birth, 5 Oct 1906 James KERR, Lisban, weaver 13 Nov 1906 Clonmacate 26 Jun 1879 Clonmacate James James Falloon X, father, Ballinagone, 21 Aug 1877 Jane Corrigan formerly MONTGOMERY Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh 27 Mar 1912 Eshwary John MULLEN, Tullyrone, labourer Martha Ann Mary McCrory X, mother, Derryneskin, 19 Jul 1877 Catherine Conn formerly FAY Family History Library film no 255920 11 Sep 1873 Derrymagowen Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh Agnes Robinson formerly FORD Leagh Lappin formerly COOKE James McADAMS, Derrycorry, labourer Sarah Honeyford formerly HANNA William McBurney, father, Derrycouse, 4 Mar 1878 Margaret JOHNSTONE Rose Hannaway formerly O'HANLON Ann Jane Johnston formerly TRUEMAN Joseph Cranston, father, Ballylisk, 17 Jan 1871 Dinah Michael McParland X, father, Ballard, 12 Aug 1912 Volume 1, page 751 Volume 1, page 714 Peter Conley X, father, Derryneskin, 12 Nov 1874 Annie Mathers formerly IRWIN 4 Jul 1872 Derrylileagh Sarah Jane Glass formerly BROWN Fanny McUldoon formerly BENSON 2 Aug 1880 Derrinraw John SMYTH, Derrymacfall, labourer John Farrell X, father, Corcrain, 2 May 1873 Mary Jane Kiggan formerly McCANN 16 Dec 1879 Derrycaw David I was also drawn by the reputation of Martin Maloney and his interest in popular culture (sadly, he died in 1980 the summer before I entered the Radio/TV/Film PhD program). Martha Bright formerly COULTER Peter Paul Mary Ann Webb formerly McMURRAY John ROBINSON, Derrinraw, labourer Mary Jane McShane formerly LAPPIN Mary BLAIR X, present at birth, Ballinary, 29 Sep 1873 Mary Ann Thomas Greer, father, Ballyshiel, 16 Apr 1880 Mary Marley formerly O'NEILL Arabella Carter formerly HARDEN 28 Jul 1871 Tandragee Sarah PICKIN, domestic servant Thomas Murray X, father, Derrymagowen, 4 Jul 1906 Mary Sophia Pedlow formerly MURRAY Subject: [ARMAGH] Births 1904 (2) William H McCann X, father, Killicomain, 18 Jun 1913 13 Dec 1912, 4 Union St, Portadown 11 Aug 1874 Clanrole 12 May 1872 Derrybroughas Richard MATCHETT, Derryaugh, farmer William John JACKSON, Derrycaw, farmer James Lurgan, Portadown, Portadown, Lurgan, Co Armagh James Albert Sam McClure, father, Tamnificarbet, 2 Aug 1912 Felix NEAL, Derrycor, labourer Alice FEGAN X, present at birth, Tandragee, 24 Jan 1871 Minnie CHAMBERS X, present at birth, Derryletiff, 31 Jan 1913 Family History Library film no 255849 While I was the COO, Vista was named as one of Canadas Best Managed companies while also being named one ofCanadas 50 Bestemployers for 5 straight years. 25 Aug 1871 Knockmenagh William John 15 Jul 1906 Clonmain Agnes 3 Jul 1872 Cloncore George ARCHER, Moores Row, Portadown, factory worker Margaret Ann Jackson formerly ALLEN Edward We believe that every client deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. 5 Jul 1879 Derrinraw no father given John Joseph William BROWNLEE, Breagh, labourer William ROBINSON, Balteagh, weaver James KEEFE, Cloghoge, dock labourer 9 Nov 1900 Derrymore James FOLEY, Clonmacate, constable R.I.C. 22 May 1880 Mullahead 24 Dec 1876 Ballymackeown 17 Aug 1874 Marlays St, Portadown William COOK, Drummondmore, gardener 19 Dec 1902 Hacknahay Robert McCONNELL, England, labourer 7 Oct 1873 Litchsheffeld Matilda Matchett formerly CREGAN William HONEYFORD, Drumnasoo, farmer Patrick McAneaney, father, Breagh, 4 Dec 1876 Edith 26 Apr 1901, 9 Bright St, Portadown John McCANN, Derryscollop, labourer Emily Montgomery formerly METCALF 21 Aug 1874 Castle St, Portadown Ester TODD X, present at birth, Fara, 25 Apr 1908 Margaret Mazor formerly GREENE John Hutton X, father, Derrycaw, 5 Jan 1880 31 May 1913, Obin St, Portadown 2 Jul 1880 Breagh Bernard McNEARY, Gallrock, farmer Francis McNally X, father, New Holland, Keady, 23 Oct 1903 Ann Jane Honeyford X, mother, Curran St, Portadown, 1 Sep 1877 Annie Elizabeth Alexander formerly STEENSON Amelia George BLAIR, Edinderry, Portadown, boatman Robert Sarah Carville formerly DONNELLY 10 Feb 1910 Derrinraw Mary Susanna 1 Oct 1874 Ballintaggart Frances Matchett formerly MATCHETT Vincent TONER, Foley, carpenter John McCANN, Derryscollop, labourer Marianne Alice BROWN X, present at birth, Clonamola, 5 Dec 1876 Patk Marley, father, Kilmoriarty, 18 Jun 1913 Mary RUDDOCK X, present at birth, Diviney, 10 Dec 1870 Michael Tighe, father, Ballinary, 20 Mar 1876 Patrick Larkin X, father, Cloughan, 12 Oct 1876 Oliver Turkington, father, Derryinver, 26 Jul 1873 John Maginn X, father, Drumnagoon, 29 Oct 1870 Sarah Simpson, mother, Ballinacor, 2 Jan 1903 Family History Library film no 255962 William SERGANT, Derrinraw, farmer Anne CORNER X, present at birth, Derryinver, 8 Jan 1877 Robert James Sarah Ann Jeffs formerly BLACKNEY Sarah Ann Joseph ACHESON, Market St, Portadown, merchant John Cunningham X, father, Lurgancot, 30 Jan 1871 Thomas Henry Freeburn X, father, 34 James St, Portadown, 15 Aug 1906 Eliza Ann Forbes formerly BRANNON Sarah Duke formerly CUMMONS Kathleen Kelso formerly ABRAM 2 Jul 1872 Cushenny Elizabeth Robinson formerly JONES Aimee Brown formerly HALL Robert Scanlon X, father, Teemore, 5 Apr 1872 Charles McKEE, Cloncore, labourer 20 Mar 1879 Caushnah Jane BERRY Elizabeth Hewitt formerly BENNISON William John HARE, Derryhale, farmer 5 Jan 1903, 43 Thomas St, Portadown Anne Coleman formerly McCANN Martha Saunderson formerly RITCHIE 11 Mar 1909 Derrinraw Isabella Matchett X, mother, 48 Montague St, Portadown, 20 May 1901 Joseph STEWART, 1 Jubilee Ter, Portadown, plumber William Henry 1871 (6) 7 Jan 1878 Derrylard Ann JOHNSTON X, present at birth, Derrycarne, 19 Apr 1873 Ann Campbell is a certified public accountant. Bernard McCONVILLE, Annaghmore, farmer Volume 11, page 233 We provide a full range of funeral and memorial services backed by a rich local history of quality and care. Mary Eliz McVeigh formerly FEARON Elizabeth O'Bryan formerly MULLEN Hugh Fox X, father, Ballinagone, 21 Nov 1874 Mary Jane Hayes formerly BRYANS Matilda Matchett formerly CREGAN 1912 James HUNNIFORD, Woodhouse St, Portadown, grocer Bernard McCONVILLE, Cloncore, weaver George MATCHETT, 48 Montague St, Portadown, labourer Samuel Rebecca Jane MATCHETT Jane CORKIN X, present at birth, 27 Jul 1880 Volume 16, page 668 28 Mar 1877 Ballyworkin Mary Jane Levingston formerly DONALDSON 1 Jan 1873 Anahue Mary Carrick, mother, Derrykeevan, 28 May 1874 Robert James Francis (m) 26 Oct 1874, Derrycaw Jane BRIGGS X, present at birth, Derryloughan, 22 Jul 1903 23 Dec 1902, 10 Sarah St, Portadown John Sarah Elizabeth Cummins formerly MURDOCK Patrick Samuel Abraham, father, Derryadd, 26 Jan 1877 Jane STOTHERS X, present at birth, Gallrock, 3 Oct 1873 Maria Woods formerly HANRATTY? James SKIFFINGTON, Clonmartin, farmer 1 Aug 1879 Edinderry, Portadown Hey, thanks for stopping by Robert James FERGUSON, Derrinraw, farmer William John Sarah Ann Lappin formerly LUTTON 1 Aug 1880 Cloncore Mary Jane Dowd formerly METCALF Elizabeth Jane Ellen Maginn formerly MURPHY Sarah John BOND, 15 South St, Portadown, carpenter Bridget McCann X, mother, Derrybeg, 19 May 1910 James Ruth Smith formerly PRITCHARD 23 May 1913, 128 West St, Portadown John Atkinson William ASKIN, 43 Thomas St, Portadown, car driver 27 Jun 1912 Lislea 17 Jul 1903, L Fathom James GREER, Ballyworkin, weaver Annie Sarah Mary JAMESON Mary Jane Montgomery, mother, John St, Portadown, 13 Sep 1871 Ann Eliza Porter formerly DELWORTH Matilda Jane Courtney formerly GIRVAN Edward CULLEN, Cranagill, labourer Newry, Ballybot, Ballybot, Newry, Co Armagh Sarah Ligget formerly SERGENT 29 May 1905, Shankill St Place, Lurgan Francis Speers, father, Ballynary, 8 Jan 1880 John HONEYFORD, Derrymore, carpenter Elizabeth Grew formerly CONLON Jane Slater formerly McQUADE Eliza 19 Feb 1902 Clonmain Sarah Sarah McCracken formerly WELSH Thomas HUNTER, Derrykeevan, farmer 12 May 1872 Ballynarry Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh George FORSYTHE, Kilmagamish, farmer Thomas William White, father, Clonmain, 3 Mar 1902 Family History Library film no 257976 John BURNS, Derrycory, farmer 14 Oct 1871 Cloncore James Anthony 4 Jan 1877 Derryinver James McKittrick X, father, Derryaugh, 21 Aug 1875 31 Dec 1912 Drumcree Jemima CORDNER X, present at birth, Ballymore, 8 Feb 1876 26 Feb 1904 Drumena Thomas SERGANT, Breagh, labourer Elizabeth Ellen Pickering formerly BULLOCK 5 May 1872 Breagh Mary Anne Brown formerly KELLEY Alfred JONES, Corbracky, farmer Robert McILWAINE, Hill St, Lurgan, weaver 25 Jul 1874 Derrinraw William Robert Thomas Victor Eliza Morgan formerly MOONEY Robert WILSON, 17 Fowlers Entry, Portadown, railway employee Daniel John KEELEY, Woodhouse St, Portadown, painter Joseph 15 Mar 1872 Ballyshiel Celia King X, mother, Richhill, 20 Oct 1876 Certified by James Cullins, father George Wright X, father, Grange, 1 Nov 1875 Jane Briggs formerly WINTER Mary CLARKE X, present at birth, Tandragee, 4 Aug 1871 Mary Jane Taylor formerly McCREARY Eliza Jane Robert MERCER, Clonmartin, farmer Eveline Jane Crothers formerly McCAULEY James HOLLAND, Victoria Terrace, Portadown, carpenter John SANDFORD, Bridge St, Portadown, grocer Volume 1, page 685 Violet K McBride formerly SIMPSON Samuel WOODHOUSE, Drumlellum, farmer Anne Eliza Elizabeth Sarah Jane 26 Mar 1877 Moores Row, Portadown Jonathan Fanny Hutchinson formerly ALBIN William LAVERY, Clonmain, labourer Family History Library film no 255997 Margaret Hughes formerly WILSON Sarah Jane John Margaret 16 Jul 1877 Derrymagowen Family History Library film no 258020 Mary ? Rachel 27 Dec 1877 Meadow Lane, Portadown John HUTCHINSON, Cloughan, farmer Rose Murphy formerly HOLLYWOOD John Huniford X, father, Ballintaggart, 10 Jul 1871 We believe that healthy families create healthy communities, and we strive to bring harmony to conflict for the benefit of all parties involved. Eliza Jane Courtney formerly BROWNLEE Margaret METCALF X, present at birth Ballynary, 30 Aug 1880 Henry McConville X, father, Cloncore, 26 Aug 1880 Armagh, Keady, Keady, Armagh, Co Armagh Thomas WRIGHT, The Barracks, Armagh, quarter master sergeant Margaret Ann Robert McKnight, father, Killicomain, 27 Jan 1871 James CULLEN, Tullymore, farmer William CONN, 41 Mary St, Portadown, shoemaker Mary HAMILL Catherine Matchett formerly REILLY Volume 1, page 717 John Burns, father, Edgarstown, Portadown, 25 Aug 1879 William 18 Apr 1905, Main St, Keady Mary Jane Montgomery formerly DAWSON David Frederick Ruddell Samuel Thomas GORDON, Kingarve, weaver Sophia 29 Apr 1908 Clonmacate James MAGUIRE, Derrinraw, weaver 8 Jul 1880 Cloncore George PEARSON, Derrymacfall, weaver Volume 1, page 55 Charles STANLEY, Derryhale, farmer 7 Feb 1906 Ballinagone Robert Guy X, father, Derryvore, 9 Sep 1871 Volume 16, page 718 Ellen McALINDEN 22 Jan 1876 Ballymore George Ellen Farnan formerly DONNELLY 21 Mar 1906 Ballinagone Mary Ford formerly ANNSLEY Eliza BROWN Lurgan, Tartaraghan, Tartaraghan, Lurgan, Co Armagh He was tutor to the Bagwell family of Kilmore (later Marlfield), Clonmel, and travelled extensively with that family on the continent during the 1750s. Robert John Elenar Atkinson formerly GLASSY Richard Camppbell. Mary Bridget Jane Matchett, mother, Gallrock, 5 Jul 1880 *Note in margin that this entry is cancelled because ?? 20 Jun 1876 Carn Elizabeth Lydia Robert McCONNELL, Creenagh, ploughman Henry DONNELLY, Maghery, fisherman William NEWELL, Ballyshiel, blacksmith 25 Jun 1903 Lisdrumliska Richard Campbell,Founder and former Chair of the Department of Media, Journalism and Film at Miami University, is the author of "6 Minutes" and the News: A Mythology for Middle America (1991) and coauthor of Cracked Coverage: Television News, the Anti-Cocaine Crusade, and the Reagan Legacy (1994).Campbell has written for numerous publications, including Columbia Journalism Review, Journal .

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